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RAKtherm pipe Pakistan

RAKtherm pipe Pakistan raktherm pprc pipes and fittings imported from UAE
range 20 mm to 110 mm complete pipe and fittings whith stabi aluminum foil pipes

RAKtherm pipe Pakistan contact : 0322 3540656

RAKtherm Pipes and fittings are produced with the following standards and regulations:
DIN 8076  
Standard for testing metal threaded joints.
DIN 8077  
Polypropylene (PP) pipe dimensions.
DIN 8078  
Polypropylene (PP) pipes; general quality requirements testing & chemical resistance of pipes and fittings.
DIN 2999  
Standards for fittings with threaded metallic inserts.
DIN 16962/Pt1  
Pipe joint assemblies and fittings for type 1 & 2 polypropylene (PP) pressure pipes; bends produced by segment inserts for butt welding dimensions.
DIN 16928  
Installation, pipe and fitting connections.
DIN 1988 DVGW Code of Practice
(Drinking water supply systems; materials, components, appliances, design and installation).
DIN 4109  
Noise control in buildings.
DIN 4140  
Insulation of service installations.
DVS 2207  
Welding of thermoplastic pipes and fittings.
DVS 2208  
Welding machines & devices for thermoplastic pipes and fittings.
OHSAS 18001  
British standard for Health and safety management system.
BS 6920  
Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of the water.
ISO 9000-2000  
Quality Management System
Quality Guarantee
RAKtherm always maintains the highest standards of quality for its users. To support this, RAKtherm warrants a 10-year guarantee for all its piping network components from the date of purchase. (Please ask your local representative for details)
Maintaining A High Level Of Quality
RAKtherm maintains a comprehensive quality control system beginning from designing the required specifications, to control of incoming raw materials processing of the product, packing, storage, shipping to the customer, and finally continuous servicing and support to guarantee that complete total quality is achieved. This is accomplished parallel to the Quality Assurance Program with the objective to ensure that total quality, and not only localized quality is maintained as required. The overall quality system operated and documented by RAKtherm is implemented throughout the plant. The overall system has been designed to exceed requirements stated by national and international authorities and institutions. Regular checks are done by neutral bodies, to further eliminate any chance of quality deviation. This is yet another quality assurance for our customer. A well-designed manufacturing process includes establishing the required specifications, and strictly adhering to them throughout the manufacturing process. This is assured by
precise machinery, well trained staff, and continuously updated and modernized equipment. Ultrasonic measurement and in-process data recording on the production lines identify real-time changes in the process and assure that any deviations on the quality of the product to the set standard is avoided