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UPVC Pressure Pipes
(As per BS-3505 Equivalent to PS-3051)
Salient Feature:
Chemical Resistant & Imputatively Corrosion Free
Smooth Wall Surface
Minimum Friction Loss
Flame Retardant
Resistance upto 70
Durable, Long Lasting, Glossy & Pleasant Look
Size Range: 3/8″ to 14
Due to good Chemical resistance, burst strength, less friction compared to metal pipes, PVC Pipes can be used with advantages for drainage, portble water supply, transportation of chemicals, gases & agricultural use. Rigid PVC Pipes being used for above applications and rain water system, guttering, cable sheeting (For protecting against moisture, mechanical damage and chemical attack).
Classifications of Popular Pipes
Popular uPVC Pipes conform PS-3051/91 equivalent to BS-3505. According to Table – 1 of BS-3505 Maximum Sustained Working and field Test Pressure is Given Below.



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