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Frame less, upto 8gang support , 6+2dimmer, 6+1+1dimmer, 6+2 socket support avaipable. Clopal electric Suppliers in Karachi


Frame less switches and sockets Clopal Malaysian

Frame less switches and sockets

Clopal Ideas Pure White

Steel plated

16 amp Electrical switches, sockets, Dimmers etc

7 yrs Warranty

8 gang switches clopal

Light dimmer clopal

Fan dimmer clopal

Bell push clopal

AC switch 20Amp

Light plug multi function

Elegant series

Clopal Malaysian Brand

7 yrs switches warranty

1 yr socket and Dimmer warranty

Long life with steel plate fixture

3×3″ and 3×6″ sizes Sheets

Importer in Karachi