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Sanitary Product In Islamabad

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Sanitary Product In Islamabad We Deal All Kinds Sanitary Product Upvc , Pprc , Cp fittings , Ceramic , Snik , Vanity


Jeddah Polymer uPVC and cPVC supply

Posted: November 13, 2012 by I R F A N in upvc, UPVC ASTM
Jeddah Polymer PVCu 
UPVC and CPVC pipe and fitting
make Pakistan
ASTM (American society of Testing Material)
Quality Assurance
Jeddah Polymer high performance extruders with advanced process control and monitoring system permit increased rate of production over entire diameter ranges, adhering to the highest quality.
Jeddah Polymer high technology moulding machines with advanced automated tooling, permit high volume production of fittings with exceptionally high consistency in terms of dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength and surface finish.
Jeddah Polymer high technology moulding machines with advanced automated tooling, permit high volume production of fittings with exceptionally high consistency in terms of dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength and surface finish.
Advantages of Jeddah Polymer pipe fitting system:
1. Economic
2. Temperature Resistant
3. Durable
4. Flexibility
5. Light Weight
6. Impact Strength
7. Non Toxic
8. Corrosion resistance
9. Easy Installation
SIZES FROM; half inch to 8 inches dimension. 
Used in all kind or water supply, sewerage, drain, irrigation, sprinklers, hot and cold house hold water supply, geezer supply, concealed and exposed fitting, bear all temperature, LED FREE, CHALK FREE PVC, Local Manufactured MATERIAL. Also used in air conditioning system, boiler chiller supply and all kind of pressure and non pressure [sdr standard dimension ratio] product ranges.

Contact: +92-321-2248975

Upvc Pipe fittings EuroGulf supplier in Pakistan

Posted: November 13, 2012 by I R F A N in upvc, UPVC ASTM

EuroGulf uPVC

Supply Area:
Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Rawalpindi, Peshawar
and rest cities in Pakistan

Contact for Supply:  +92-321-2248975


  • Pot Water, Soil, Waste, Rain Water
  • Ultra Pure Water and Sewage treatment Plant
  • Swimming Pools
  • Air Conditioning Refrigeration
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • R. O. Plants
  • Water Irrigation
  • Cable & Telecommunication

Advantage & Properties

  • Long life, Design life of 50 years according to ISO
  • Low transportation and handling cost
  • No scaling or deposition of material
  • Can resist wide range of chemicals
  • Does not promote fire
  • Reduce chances of short circuit
  • Can be installed both inside and outside
  • Reduces jointing and labor cost
  • High Flexibility
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Maintenance Free

Today there is a dire need of providing the people of Pakistan with safe drinking water and proper sanitation system. To cater this objective Euro Gulf Industries was established in the spring of 2005. Its directors had been a part of the pipe industry since 1971. Their rich experience and the desire for growth of Pakistan’s Economy led them to invest significantly in modern technology and machines, so as to ensure consistent high quality products, and quick responses to market demands.

Euro Gulf Industries is one of the leading Polymer Pipe & Fitting Manufacturer in Pakistan. It specializes in manufacturing PPR-C, uPVC, PE & cPVC Pipes & Fittings. Its facility is the only of its kind in Pakistan which manufactures all four types of Pipes & Fittings under one roof. It manufactures pipe ranging from ½” to 18” and also manufactures more than 150 different kinds of fittings. Its products are supplied all over Pakistan. The lower diameter pipe (i.e. ½” to 6”) is usually used & supplied to the commercial market and its higher diameter pipe (i.e. 6” onwards) and PE pipes are supplied and used in government, semi-government and special projects. More recently, cPVC Pipes & Fittings have been added to their product line.

Apart from uPVC resin which is purchased from ENGRO, the sole manufacturer in Pakistan, all its Raw Material is imported form the most renowned companies in the world such as Borealis, Sabic, Borouge, Basell and Lubrizol. The company gives utmost importance to its quality.For this reason alone, Euro Gulf Industries is among the only few companies in Pakistan who has an in-house laboratory, equipped with the latest gadgets to ensure quality to the last inch.

Apart from its ISO 9001-2008 Certification it is certified by PCSIR, PSQCA and Pakistan Engineering Council. It is also registered in different government and semi-government departments. It manages its own Distribution System to ensure availability of its product all over Pakistan.

Euro Gulf Industries is on its way to “Piping the New World”

    uPVC Pipe fittings ASTM standard

    Posted: September 28, 2012 by I R F A N in UPVC ASTM
    uPVC Pipe and fittings supply
    as per ASTM standard

    uPVC Fittings (ASTM SCH-40)

    Elbow 90 Deg 3″ – 4″ Plug Tee 3″ – 4″
    Reducing Elbow 90 Deg (3 x 4)” Wye 3″ – 4″
    Elbow 45 Deg 3″ – 4″ Reducing Wye (3 x 4)”
    Plug Elbow 3″ – 4″ P-Trap 3″ – 4″
    Tee 3″ – 4″ Floor Trap 2.10
    Reducing Tee (3 x 4)”   (2 x 3)”


    ASTM D-2241 SDR Series

    (INCH) (mm) W.T KG/M W.T KG/M W.T KG/M
    2″ 60.33 1.9 0.558
    3″ 88.90 2.7 1.130
    4″ 114.30 1.8 1.03 1.51 3.5 3.5 1.850
    6″ 168.28 2.6 2.10 3.18 5.2 5.2 3.990