AGM upvc
imported from KSA
range 1\2″ to 8″ complete pipes and fittings

Average Thickness for sizes is given below:

0.5 inch Diameter: 3.1mm Thickness

0.75 inch Diameter: 3.2mm Thickness

1.0 inch Diameter: 3.7mm Thickness

1.25 inch Diameter: 3.9mm Thickness

1.5 inch Diameter: 4.0mm Thickness

2.0 inch Diameter: 4.2mm Thickness

3.0 inch Diameter: 5.9mm Thickness

4.0 inch Diameter: 6.4mm Thickness

6.0 inch Diameter: 7.6mm Thickness

8.0 inch Diameter: 8.7mm Thickness


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