Polypropylene Pipes Pipes and Fittings RAKtherm pprc

Posted: January 3, 2020 by arcorporations in Uncategorized

RAKtherm PPRC Pipes supplier in Pakistan. Contact: 0332 3540656 (WatsApp)

RAKtherm pprc
RAKthermPPRC polypropylene random Copolimer stands for , can provide very high performance even under high and low temperatures and pressure conditions. Heating and hot water systems used in fresh water polypropylene random copolymer (pprc) pipes ultra-high molecular structure due to a high level of use and durability. Raw material are manufactured from polypropylene random Copolimer. Plastic pipe, PPRC pipes in factories to human health, considering the value they give does not contain carcinogenic substances that affect human health, Europe’s leading countries and no successful results were obtained in tests it was determined that it did not cause health problems. In the United kingdom, is approved by the health care law. Due to having a high tensile PPRC definitely does not affect the chemical properties of fluids in pipes. RAKtherm pprc pipes DIN 8077 DIN 8078 landed the absence of standards and a minimum of pressure drops are manufactured.

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