PPRC Piping System is an absolute solution for distribution application of hot & cold water in all modern residential apartments, commercial buildings, housing societies and various industries due to its high resistance to high temperature and pressure. Imported, 100% food grade german material is used in manufacturing of pipes & fittings.

  • Not detrimental to human health.
  • Rust and corrosion free.
  • Rupture free.
  • Food grade material.
  • No scaling.
  • High resistance to acids and chlorides.
  • Noise free at high flow rates.
  • High pressure tolerance and rating.
  • Light weight as compared to metallic pipes.
  • Speed and ease of fusion technology.
  • Extensive saving in time & labor.
  • High pressure tolerance and rating.
  • Low elastic modulus, low thermal distortion.
  • PPRC includes all necessary components for a complete water solution.
  • The service of the pipes can last over 50 years under regular operating conditions.


    Call : 0322-3540656 , 0333-3645773 , 03002856741
    Email : arcorporations@gmail.com
    Visit : http://www.arcorporation.pk



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