AGM upvc Tee
Schedule 40 PVC tees allow a line to be split into two lines with a connection that is at a 90-degree angle. It can also be used to connect two lines into one main line when mixing chemicals. This versatility makes it one of the most commonly used types of fittings in plumbing. These tees are made from durable Schedule 40 PVC. This material is durable and able to withstand corrosive materials, making it suited for a range of applications. Its affordability also makes it an ideal choice for those who need to do a plumbing job on a tight budget.

Max temperature 140 F. Max pressure varies based on fitting size. Our schedule 40 tees (excluding class 125) meet standards ASTM D-1784, ASTM D-2466/2467, NSF/ANSI 14 & 61.

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