Aplaco UPVC and CPVC pipe fittings

Posted: November 13, 2012 by I R F A N in cpvc, upvc
Aplaco has been successfully producing plastic pipe fittings for more than 20 years. We provide high quality and competitive priced products for your piping systems needs. We also provide you our services and experience. You may call on our technical department for specific consultations. 
APLACO Company founded on 1978 as Joint Venture between Saudi Plastic Products Company/Sappco Riyadh and Georg Fischer Limited of Switzerland +GF+ , on June 2004 APLACO become 100% Saudi shareholders company after +GF+ decided to terminate the Joint Venture agreement , APLACO Products still bear the +GF+ APLACO Mark under Trade Mark license agreement with +GF+, APLACO is also the sole Agent of +GF+ products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
APLACO is a well-known quality brand for plastic pipe fittings and is the market leader in its field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. APLACO fittings for drainage and soil/waste, water Our Productssupply and irrigation, telecommunication and electric duct systems have all withstood the test of time in the harsh climatic conditions of the region. APLACO’s products have reached many countries including the Gulf Region. The export market is a growing market for APLACO and it hopes to increase its presence in various countries through well-known distribution channels besides directly marketing these as well. APLACO is also poised to meet the growing demand for fittings to ASTM standards for hot/cold water services as well as for low pressure and drainage systems by expanding its existing product range. One company, One source for supply of plastic pipe fittings and the answer -APLACO, The name you can trust.
 Supply Area:
Karachi and other cities in Sindh
Rest cities in pakistan may also be delivered upon request.

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