POLO CONDUIT / and UPVC for Drian sever

Posted: October 9, 2010 by arcorporations in Ceramics, conduit, drain sewer, electric pipe, first, islamabad sanitary, islamabd, kent, polo, polo conduit, POLO UPVC, porta, PVC, pvc pipe fitting, upvc

Manufactured on BS-3505 (PIPE) BS-6099(FITTINGS) and SDR D-2241, Sizes from ½ to 18 inches pipe and ½ to 4” fitting.

PORTA CERAMICS. All Designs and ranges imported.

BATH ACCESSORIES. Made in Pakistan.

CONTACT:  +92-300-2856741, 0333-3645773, 0342-5557322, 0322-3540656


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great Work !!

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